• Horacio Rivera Division of Genetics, Western Biomedical Research Center, Mexican Institute of Social Welfare, Guadalajara, Mexico; Department of Molecular Biology and Genomics, University Center of Health Sciences, University of Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Mexico
Keywords: Authorship, Low- and middle income countries, Monetary incentives, Student-mentor relationships, North-South collaborations


Although the variety of research malpractices in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC) is similar to those documented in developed nations, authorship misuse and related issues appear to be more prevalent in the former. This article focuses on some authorship-related topics in LMIC, namely authorship disputes, excessive co-authorship and monetary incentives, authorship issues in student-mentor relationships, and authorship patterns in North-South collaborations. Universities and official bodies in LMIC must supervise the integrity of the whole research process, provide instructions on responsible research and authorship, set up the required postgraduate training programs, foster good role models in authorship, and designate an ombudsperson to advice and respond to complaints of researchers, especially students and junior faculty. Lastly, a recent framework that combines descriptive and normative elements and then uses proper metaphors to achieve an ethical definition of authorship useful in international settings is highlighted.


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